Community Music Intervention

The Caribbean School of Music Community Musice Intervention programme aims to...

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Community Music School

The Caribbean School of Music has implimented a community Musice school that aims to...

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Caribbean Military Academy

The Caribbean Military Academy (CMA) is the academic institutional arm of the JDF.

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The Caribbean Military School of Music (CMSoM), through development and training, prepares competent music performers, music directors, and music educators for music careers within military contexts as well as for the civilian workforce. Established in 2020, the Caribbean Military School of Music offers undergraduate degree training in the areas of Music Performance, Music Education, and Music Directing. Through its faculty of leading music practitioners in Jamaica and the Caribbean, the CMSoM also runs certificate courses such as the Band Sergeant Major Course; the Band Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Course; and the Drum Major Course. The main options for study are:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance:
    A degree that certifies the candidate's competence on his or her instrument.
  • Bachelor of Music Directing:
    This degree provides a comprehensive educational framework for military musicians who will go on to become bandmasters, orchestra directors or choral directors.
  • Bachelor of Music Education:
    For this degree, the candidate will go beyond the ability to perform on his or her instrument, and would have satisfied institutional and teacher licence requirements of the Jamaica Teaching Council.
  • Certificate Courses:
    Short courses such as Band Sergeant Major Course; Band Senior NCO; Drum Major.

Intructors & Certifications

The Caribbean Military School of Music (CMSoM) through the Caribbean Military Academy (CMA), has garnered top instructors in the field of music. Also with the aid of HEART NSTA and certification through NCTVET our programmes will be state of the art.

Expert Instructors

With our expert instructors who has garnered international experience in the field of Music.


Our certification courses are accredited and covers a wide rage of disciplines.

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